Crusader XC Extreme new caravan for sale.

Crusader XC Extreme

The ultimate off road caravan.

Built tough for the adventurer

It’s 46 degrees today in the northwest, you’ve reached the end of the dirt track and you are just itching to see what is over that ridge ahead. You can see the healthy green tinge of a gum grove indicating there could be a water hole and there’s a rocky outcrop with signs of a quartz crystal vein. It would be great to try panning for gold over there… You turn off the 4WD, open the doors and hear nothing but cockatoos. Does the end of the road mean the end of the adventure? Not any more.

The bigger sibling to the XCountry Trailbreaker, the XC Extreme features stage 4 airbag suspension, hot-dipped galvanised chassis and lithium batteries. Built for the adventurers, it’s a caravan you can take just about anywhere.

Key features

3500 Minimum ATM
705 Average payload
8800 Travel length
2795 Average tare
  • One piece fully insulated composite floor
  • Hail resistant one piece insulated roof
  • Hot dipped galvanised chassis and drawbar
  • 6" box section steel rated 450mpa
  • 3.2t or 3.6t independent suspension
  • Adjustable airbag system with compressor
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 17" off road wheels and tyres
  • Front and underbody stone guards
  • Protected plumbing and cables
  • Advanced dust pressurising system
  • Toolbox with slides and jerrycan holders
  • Side and rear sliders
  • Multiple water tanks individually valved
  • Grey water tank with washout system
  • Battery management and inverter
  • Exterior management and inverter
  • Multiple 170w solar and lithium batteries
  • Ducted gas heating system
  • Electrically operated entry step
  • Genuine leather upholstery
  • Large compressor refrigerator
  • Front load washing machine

Factory options

Crusader offers a long list of options for your caravan chassis, suspension and wheel upgrades, from curtains to cupboards, stone guards to satellite dishes, extra power and water, ducted heating to slide out kitchens, the list is extensive and very reasonably priced.

Make it yours

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